Our vision

End world hunger in a sustainable and supportable way by decentralizing the manufacturing of proteins. This will be the third world food revolution in history, and we want to lead it.

Our Mission & Goals

Revolutionize the food industry by supplying a sustainable protein with one of the highest nutritional profiles.

Our goals

  • Provide Kernel to the main food manufacturers.
  • Become a referent in the alternative protein market, leading the revolution in the industry.
  • Take Kernel's production to every corner of the planet, including developing countries and areas in danger.
  • Get Kernel growing in each house, to fully embrace the decentralization of protein manufacturing.
  • Always keep improving our processes to be better each day.
  • Reduce our environmental impact even more.

Core Values

We want to be a model organization and therefore these are our values:

  • Be honest, humble and responsible.
  • Strive for greatness, don't settle for less.
  • Empower each and every one of our team members, everyone has a voice.
  • Aim for a better future and a cleaner environment.
  • Be passionate, and look for excellence.